Kunshan Hedexin Precision Mold Co.,LTD


  Kunshan Hedexin Precision Mold Co.,LTD Located in the international mould City, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, since the establishment of the company, the company has been innovating and improving the development from small processing plants to mould development, product stamping and inspection tools. Currently has imported wire cutting machine, CNC punching machine and other equipment CNC.

  The company covers a wide range of businesses. In mold and stamping, it involves the following categories:
  Auto: shock absorber, tail pipe, sunroof, airbags, seat basin, rails, door Anklets around the car accessories;
  Electrical appliances: air conditioning, TV, computers, washing machines, microwave ovens, cookers, water heaters, acoustics, lampshades, shrapnel, etc.
  Inspection tools: headlights, sheet metal parts, auto parts, all kinds of interior parts, fixture, welding jig;
  Scaffolds: lower bowls, discs, hooks, head plates, latches.

  The company has gathered a number of high-quality talents, the company management staff and mold designers and product development analyst work experience have more than 10 years of mold experience, the use of two-dimensional CAD, and the use of VISI, UG, Pro/Engineer and other international software, shorten the mold design and development of time, change the traditional process of manufacturing habits . Moldopening continuous mode saves the labor cost, improve production efficiency.

  All the equipment of our company is controlled by CNC automatic operation. In the processing technology, high quality steel is selected and the corresponding surface treatment technology is applied to improve the life of the die. The key link of die steel material performance can be fully played by the die heat treatment and surface treatment. Mold heat treatment is vacuum heat treatment and deep cold heat treatment. In addition to improving mold surface treatment, advanced technology such as TiN, TiC and plasma spraying should be developed. The spring with high pressure nitrogen as the working medium is a new elastic component nitrogen spring, which has the characteristics of small volume, large elastic force, long travel, smooth work, high precision and long life. It greatly improves the life of the die and the stability of work.

  The company's technology development goals are: short delivery time, high accuracy, good quality and long life.
  The company's business development: mold design and manufacturing, product stamping, and product fixture design and R & D.
  The goal of the development of the company's market: to be in line with the international market

  Business objective: create new customers, create more value for customers, and enable enterprises to get better development.
       Employee satisfaction, investor satisfaction, customer satisfaction

  Business philosophy: 1. Quality improvement: quality is always the lifeline of an enterprise.
       2. Good faith service: customer service without complaint
       3. Reform and Innovation: innovation is the soul of enterprise development
       4. Team cooperation: the team is our most valuable asset
       5. Goal achievement: success is based on achieving goals
       6. Efficiency improvement: efficiency is the key to winning

  Your understanding and trust is a powerful driving force for our progress. Your concern and support are our endless source of growth. Every suggestion you make will push us to a new height. Because of you, we advance with confidence and strength. Because of you, our cause can thrive.