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Kunshan mold industry, large scale, big technology and strong lead the country

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  Kunshan mold manufacturing industry is very developed. Its mould characteristic industrial base is currently gathering more than 850 enterprises from more than 10 countries and regions in the United States and France, which are engaged in mould production, design and professional training. It is the first base of 26 mould cluster production bases in China, which has become the largest and most technical base in the mould industry of our country.

  As early as in 1998, by the approval of the people's Government of Jiangsu Province, Kunshan established the Jiangsu mould industry experimentation area, and was evaluated by the Ministry of science and technology by the Ministry of science and technology in 2003, and became the first national Torch Program mould industry base in the country. After 10 years of development, the Kunshan mould industry base has basically formed a model base of high and new technology industry, which integrates mould technology research, development, achievements transformation in one, and the industrial chain is more perfect. At present, the base has attracted more than 850 related enterprises from the United States, France, Japan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hongkong, and other countries and regions. In 2008, the sales revenue of the Kunshan mold industry base was 34 billion 500 million yuan, of which the pure mold products were sold by 10 billion 100 million yuan, accounting for 10% of the country and the first of the 26 mold production bases in the country. Strive to achieve mold sales revenue by 15 billion yuan in 2012, continue to maintain the proportion of 10% of the total national market, the market growth rate of more than 30%, the total number of enterprises reached 1000.

  Kunshan mold features:
  Talent Gathering and upgrading of design and manufacturing technology is the first characteristic of Kunshan mold "Silicon Valley". Because of the high precision electronic and high-grade automobile enterprises with short product renewal and replacement period, the enterprises producing precision mould pay great attention to introduce and train large numbers of mould design talents and skilled workers, speed up product renewal and change speed, and strive to keep a steady foothold in the fierce market competition.
  The growing scale of enterprise clusters is the second characteristic of Kunshan mold "Silicon Valley". Building a base and promoting the overall development level of the mould industry in Kunshan is an important strategy for building the mold "Silicon Valley". Kunshan is the core of the Jiangsu mold industry experimentation area. The industrial development model within and outside the region has attracted the enterprises from Japan, Singapore and other countries, Taiwan, Hongkong and Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, forming a diversified mold production including mould manufacturing, mould standard parts, mold materials and mould machinery. The industrial structure layout made Kunshan a special industrial base of the national torch plan. The technical authority of the domestic mould industry gives a high evaluation of the development of Kunshan mold industry, and thinks that Kunshan has laid a solid foundation for the development of the important base for the development of the triangle mold industry.
  The gradual formation and improvement of the industrial chain has become a new feature of Kunshan mold "Silicon Valley". At present, Kunshan has formed a more complete die industry chain which extends to the middle end of the design and manufacture mould, to the raw material supply, the mould manufacturing equipment, the standard parts and the education and training. Now, the raw materials needed by Kunshan mould enterprises can basically complete the procurement locally. Located in the city of the USL University and Dengyun universities opened a special professional mold, the cultivation of high level talents mold. At the same time, the mold area, Zhangpu adult colleges and universities also carried out related training aimed at training mold technicians. The Deputy Secretary General of the municipal Mould Industry Association, Wu Songlin, told reporters that the industrial chain extended to both ends, reducing the cost of manufacturing and enhancing the industry's ability to resist risk.

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